Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zero Suspense at the Dancing With The Stars Finale

Let's hear it once again for the most predictable reality competition on TV.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a big fan of celebrities on reality shows (Celebrity Apprentice being my favorite). However, this one just doesn't really entertain me.

It shows funny moments doing rehearsals but there are no surprises. When I first read the cast listing, I narrowed it down to the final four and predicted a winner.

Winner: Nicole Scherzinger
2. Evan Lysacek
3. Erin Andrews
4. Chad Ochocinco

I don't consider this an outstanding achievement for myself. It was an easy call. Select the obvious.

Nicole Scherzinger sings and performs choreographed dances for a living. She claimed to not have an edge over the others because this style of dance is different. It is different, but that's still a major advantage.

Evan Lysacek dances on ice and is incredibly athletic, allowing ballroom to come easily.

Erin Andrews looks like a dancer with the tall, slender frame and was paired with the uber-talented Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Chad Ochocinco is an exceptional athlete and was paired with two-time winner Cheryl Burke.

You can't honestly believe the others had a chance, right?

Shannen Doherty? The bitchy girl from 90210?

Buzz Aldrin? How old is he?

Aiden Turner? Who?

Kate Gosselin? A dumb, unskilled woman who is only famous for having eight kids and making a poor choice of husband?

Jake Pavelka? The lamest Bachelor? (Seems like a nice guy, though)

Pam Anderson? With her boobs? (Though they were a highlight of the season)

Niecy Nash? An out-of-shape comedian? (She did make it further than I expected, so kudos)

I love watching celebrites on TV. But if I'm ever going to watch this show, the cast has to be more competitive.


  1. Chris,

    I wanted to stop by and say hi.

    And after checking out your blog, this is the only post I felt I had anything to offer because I'm a sports and celebrity putz. I also don't watch television, but your descriptions of the competition were fabulous!

    They might move me enough to sneak in an episode or two next year.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and see you next Wednesday.

  2. Ha if you're going to watch something, it may need to be something besides DWTS (unless you're a huge fan of ballroom dancing or sexy people). If I'm correct you're writing is directed at a young audience, and keeping up with Entertainment/Celebrity culture can help keep your finger on the pulse of America's youth. It's all about moderation :)