Wednesday, July 14, 2010

America's Got Talent: Quarterfinal One

Twelve of the final 48 acts competed in the first quarterfinal Tuesday night. Only four will advance.

Who Should Advance?

1. Fighting Gravity:
This glow-in-the-dark act is the front-runner to win the competition. They have amazed the judges and the audience in both performances so far. No way they don't make it through. Haven't seen them yet?

Here's a video of their original audition:

2. Future Funk:
This kid hip-hop dancing duo is a crowd pleaser. They are incredibly entertaining and gifted performers despite being so young (10 and 5). Lock to advance.

3. Nathaniel Kenyon:
This male singer was the final act to perform on last night's show. He offered an underwhelming version of "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder but judging by the crowd's reaction (aka the ladies), his looks will probably get him through.

4. Maricar:
The sexy female painter performed in a water tank last night, crafting an unbelievable replica of judge Piers Morgan. She continues to excel and is my second favorite behind Fighting Gravity. I hope she makes it through (I voted for her).

On The Bubble

5. Christina and Ali
These sisters suffer from cystic fibrosis. It's truly inspiring each and every time I see them perform. They're not great singers but their courage and likability may come in to play on tonight's results show.

6. Airpocalypse
This air band may be the least talented act left. That may or may not matter. They are quite entertaining and may get a lot of votes. They shouldn't advance but it wouldn't shock me.


7. RNG
8. Sally Cohn
9. Nick Pike
10. The Hot Shot Tap Dancers
11. Kung Fu Heroes
12. Paul Safy Jr.

Those are my picks. And as you know, I'm never wrong.

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