Wednesday, August 11, 2010

America's Got Talent: Youtube Night

Twelve acts discovered on AGT's Youtube auditions took the stage. Most were underwhelming, but one amazing voice was discovered.

Who Will Advance

1. Jackie Evancho

Duh. She's incredible.

On The Bubble

2. Cam Hodges

Good voice. Strong stage presence.

3. PLUtonic

Cheesy gimmick. Great voices.

4. Maestro Alexander Bui

Probably not going to make it because his piano selection was boring. But he did say, "I want to prove that music is more than Lady Gaga."

5. Pizza Patt

Pizza dough. On fire. He has a chance.

6. Dan Sperry

He successfully freaked Howie Mandel out.


7. Booker Forté
8. Kristina Young
9. Dylan Plummer
10. Ryan Rodriguez
11. Austin Anderson
12. Pup

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