Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA Finals Preview: Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

"I'm going to take my talents to South Beach." -LeBron James

The Decision was announced last July, and King James followed through. Now he has the Miami Heat in position to win its first NBA championship since 2006.

El Heat is 8-0 at home this postseason and have only dropped one game each series, eliminating defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics and the top-seeded Chicago Bulls along the way.

But most people expected this to happen, including myself. After LeBron and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami, I predicted they would win four out of the next five titles. Long way to go but a promising start.

The real surprise in the playoffs has been the Dallas Mavericks, winning 10 out of its last 11 and sweeping the two-time-defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The reason: Dirk Nowitzki

Everyone knew he was a great player, but his team's regular season success never translated to championships. His best chance was blown after taking a 2-0 lead against Miami in 2006.

Dirk has been unstoppable. The Heat don't really have anyone to guard him. The Mavs' biggest question mark is who else is going to step up. Miami is the best defensive team they will have faced.

Plus, the Oklahoma City Thunder had Dallas against the ropes three times in the Western Finals and just couldn't close. The Heat aren't known for winning close games, but they have the talent to prevent them.

And when you have the best athlete on the planet, things just seem to fall in place. The Big 3 will begin its dynasty now.

Heat over Mavericks in 6 games

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  1. The 2011 NBA Finals will be the championship series of the 2010–11 NBA season and the conclusion of the season's playoffs. The champions of the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat, will face the champions of the Western Conference, the Dallas Mavericks.