Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is Big Ben's Time Up In Pittsburgh?

Not unless they want to set their franchise back several years.

Ben Roethlisberger is one of the League's toughest players and has two Super Bowl rings in the past five seasons. He's a winner. And now the Steelers are willing to get rid of him for a top 10 pick. Why? Do they honestly think Jimmy Clausen can fill his shoes? If so, they must have enjoyed 4/20 a lot more than the rest of us.

Plus, the Steelers organization is overlooking the fact that he was not convicted of anything. A Georgia district attorney said there wasn't even enough evidence to win a case. So they would have to rely on accusations made by a drunk sorority girl, which carries about as much credibility as a Mormon on Fox News.

Did he nail her? Absolutely. He gave it to her long and good.

Is sex in a public bathroom disgusting? Yes. But that doesn't warrant a six-game suspension. One or two games at most.

Also, the only Pittsburgh fans calling for him to be traded like problem-child wide receiver Santonio Holmes are the ones that care more about integrity than winning. But true fans won't hold this against him.

Because they know the Steelers can't win without him.

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