Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Guys Hate Chick Flicks

Because they are stupid.

I feel the need to address this issue after viewing the endless marketing campaign for J.Lo's latest rom-com "The Back-Up Plan."

The quintessential chick flick: "The Notebook" and yes, I have seen it.

Why it's stupid: the Ryan Gosling's Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams' Allie Hamilton are so different from each other and constantly argue. It would not have worked out in real life. I find the concept of "The One" in movies incredibly annoying. A soulmate doesn't exist in this world. There are hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions of people that could fit the description of what one sees as a potential life-long partner. Noah and Allie have great sex. Did they have any other chemistry? I didn't see any.

But having great sex doesn't necessarily mean that person is The One. It just means that person is The it to you from behind.

Plus, look at how predictable that movie was. Even semi-intelligent people figured it out five minutes in.

Did you really not figure out that he was reading the story of their love? Really? Then I know some mentally challenged kids that are laughing at you for being so dumb.

The argument for most girls--I love the happy ending. Or I love hott boys. Or it just makes me feel good. I have no problem with this. I'm just telling you why guys hate them (*Most of them--I have a soft spot for "A Walk To Remember).

Then most girls will say: But guys love stupid movies. True, but we also don't go see "Harold and Kumar" for an accurate description of the way the world works. We know they're dumb. And that's why they are funny. We leave it at that.

So please do yourself a favor and don't see "The Back-Up Plan." It can't be good. It looks like the poor man's version of "Knocked Up." And it probably doesn't even deserve that praise. Even my mom thinks it's going to suck. And that should say something.