Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday's Divisional Round

I'm 4-0 so far this postseason. Too crunched for time to pick the first two games, which I would have split. I didn't have the Seahawks knocking off the Saints. So let's just say I'm 5-1.

Seattle @ Chicago

Of course you can't count out the Seahawks after essentially winning consecutive playoff games (Week 17 against the Rams clinched the division). But now they're on the road. They did beat the Bears at Soldier Field in Week 6, but I have more confidence in Chicago's defense than I do in Matt Hasselbeck. If Cutler doesn't fuck it up, which is always a possibility. Definitely going for Seattle, though.

Bears 31, Seahawks 17

New York @ New England

Rex Ryan is my favorite coach in sports. The Patriots are one of my least favorite teams in sports. But Mark Sanchez isn't that good, especially in cold weather. I think they'll keep it a lot closer than 45-3, but New England's tight ends will have a huge game and pull it out in the second half.

Patriots 28, Jets 21

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