Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jeter Becomes First Yankee to Reach 3,000 Hits

New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter entered Saturday's game against Tampa Bay with 2,998 hits. He left with five more, including the game-winning single in the eighth inning.

And of the course the five-time World Series champ had to enter Club 3000 with a home run off Rays pitcher David Price (VU).

This is just another accolade to add to one of the best players in MLB history. The face of the historic NY franchise since 1996 has also earned: Rookie of the Year, 12 All-Star selections, five Gold Gloves, four Silver Slugger Awards and the 2000 World Series MVP.

Plus, he has also nailed such fine celebrities as Mariah Carey, the Jessicas (Alba and Biel) and Minka Kelly. He's a legend.

Jeter will easily go down as one of the best athletes of his generation. And he deserves every bit of praise he will get.


  1. As my little guy has gotten into baseball, I've come to appreciate your blog a lot more! Funny how easily our interests can be swayed by the little ones in our lives.

    Now I'll be able to keep up on the news and talk intelligently with him about his passion.

  2. Well I'm glad we can still connect since I don't get to chat with my cougars anymore. Thanks for stopping by! I'll have a new baseball article up in the next couple days. Maybe you can check it out.