Monday, July 11, 2011

Q&A With Pop Singer Alex Reid

Alex Reid is an up-and-coming pop singer living in Los Angeles just "Chillin...writin songs in a bra and blue jeans." She took the time to answer a few questions for the PM readers. Check it out.

How did you get started?
My mom recognized my love for music and singing since I was tiny... around 4 years old, and took me to my first audition for the show "Oliver" at the Topeka Civic Theatre in Kansas. I booked the role and went on to do 22 performances at the age of 5. I have been addicted to entertaining ever since.

Whom or what influenced you?
Music, both singing and writing, has always been an instinctive passion. I memorized every song in all of the disney movies I saw, and wrote my first song at age 6. I could only credit my family for embedding in me the belief that I am capable of achieving all of my dreams.

Whose career path would you like to follow?
A lot of artists have an admirable career path, but I have to say that Beyonce has really done it right. Her growth has always seemed natural, innovative, and inspired. The magnitude of her success speaks for it's self.

I hope to be my fans' best friend, and positively impact peoples' lives.

Watching my parents watching me perform at an epic venue, like Madison Square Garden.

Actually selling albums during an era in which albums struggle to sell, especially on new artists.

Genre? Electropop?
I like to leave it as pop. It's melodic, honest, feel good music with commercial appeal.

My favorite song on your myspace page is definitely "This Mess." What types of positive feedback have you gotten from your music?
Thank you ;) That's one of my favorites too! I am so blessed to receive messages from fans everyday via twitter, facebook, youtube, and myspace expressing their love of my songs. I try my very hardest to respond to each and every one of them because since I write everything I sing, a compliment like that goes SO MUCH further into my heart than I can even explain. It's like having someone tell you, "I get you. I feel you."

The drums in your song "Aggressive" sound similar to "Mickey." Is that attitude something you bring to the table? What else sets you apart from other singers?
"Hey Mickey" is amazing to me... I love the whole vibe of Tony Basil and that record. I like to capture that fun, energetic, quirky vibe in my music for sure.

You are the CEO of FuzzyBug Music. Where did the name come from?
My brother nicknamed me Fuzzy, and my dad nicknamed me bug :)

Do you write your own songs?
Yes, I do write all of my music. That's actually the aspect of my art that I take the most pride in, because I want my fans to know the real me, and have something true to relate to. Also, it keeps me accountable for what messages I am putting out there.

Who have you worked with in the studio?
J.R Rotem, Alex Da Kid, Scott Storch, Cutfather, Guy Chambers, and countless other incredibly talented people.

Doing much recording?
Yes... I'm always making new music. I write everyday, and then record the best ideas.

Live shows?
I've been starting to do a lot more shows lately. For a long time, I was pretty much locked in the studio creating, but now that the album is in a good place and almost ready, I'm turning a lot of my focus over to growing my fan base.

Social Media is essential for any artist trying to launch a career, especially facebook, twitter and YouTube. How much time do you dedicate to that aspect and how important do you think it is for you to succeed?
I believe that social media is absolutely imperative in being successful in my field. There is no success as a pop artist without visibility, and EVERYONE is on the internet. I dedicate many hours each day to boosting my online presence. And I love sites like facebook and twitter because they give me a voice, and let me share my thoughts and opinions with a massive audience.

Unfortunately, I am just a little technologically challenged lol... computer stuff doesn't come that naturally to me!! I even get made fun of by other writers for still writing my songs with a pencil in a notebook as opposed to typing them on my laptop! And that's just basic! It takes me a LONG time to edit a video and upload it to youtube, but I'm getting better! :))

Ambitions beyond music?
It would be amazing to have some sort of TV presence, like a talk show. I'm a really opinionated person, and would love to have a forum to discuss issues that I find to be important.

Involved in any other entertainment/art/business?
I model, and act. I'm also currently working on designs for a clothing line... that's something I'm very excited about!

Anything else you would like your fans to know?
I want all of my girls to know that there are no boundaries and no labels in the world we create for ourselves. You can be everything beautiful at once. I also want them to know how appreciative I am of their love and support, and that I truly wish for all of their dreams to come true.

Find out more about her by checking out her songs/social media pages.
twitter: @thealexreid
YouTube: AlexReidTV

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