Thursday, March 31, 2011

MLB Opening Day : World Series Predictions

Opening Day is an American institution. As always, I put forth my thoughts on the upcoming season.

AL East:

The Boston Red Sox signed Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. No one else added players of that calibur. I think Gonzalez will put up MVP numbers with the short fence in right field at Fenway.

AL Central:

I'm taking the Minnesota Twins. Justin Morneau is back in the starting lineup Friday. Joe Mauer is always in the running for the batting title, and they have a strong bullpen.

AL West:

The Texas Rangers were the surprise team last season. They won't surprise anyone now, but they are in a weak division. So that should ease the pain of losing Cliff Lee.

Wild Card:

The New York Yankees have several gaps, including aging stars and few reliable starters. I'm still not going to pick against them, though.

NL East:

The Phillies have put together the best starting rotation in the history of baseball. They do need Chase Utley back, and that might not happen before the All Star break.

NL Central:

The Reds put together a strong season last year. The Brewers and Cubs have improved, while the Cardinals lost their best pitcher to an elbow injury. It doesn't hurt that my favorite player, Scott Rolen, is the starting third baseman.

NL West:

The Giants won the Series last fall. But they barely made the playoffs. I think the Colorado Rockies are going to take over the division, with Troy Tulowitzki named MVP.

Wild Card:

The Atlanta Braves will certainly challenge for the NL East. I think a Wild Card spot is much more likely because the Phillies' rotation is too strong.

World Series Prediction: Philadelphia Phillies over the Boston Red Sox.

Who do you think will win?

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